All translations are done by experienced native speaker
translators and edited by a second experienced translator.
Advice from specialists is obtained where needed.

For each assignment, a suitable translator is selected
according to his or her experience and specialism.

Continuity is guaranteed through terminology management and
the use of translation memories. In addition, the same translators
are used for regular clients and/or projects wherever possible.

Prompt delivery.

Member of the NGTV (Netherlands Society of Interpreters
and Translators) and of the VZV (Association of Professional Translators).

Specialized subjects:

Legal (agreements and contracts, articles of association,
rulings, patents, mergers and takeovers).

Financial and Economic (annual reports, corporate presentations,
stock market reports, fund descriptions).

Technical (mechanical engineering, civil engineering, building specifications).

Commercial (advertising brochures and flyers).

Oil and gas industry.


Film and television (spotting, translating and subtitling.
Conducting interviews).